Reykjavik is clearly the travel destination of the moment as it was teeming with tourists from all over the world. After spending a few days exploring this amazing city, I can understand why. It is a great mix of cool cafes and bars, brightly coloured buildings and street art, a working waterfront, and some very interesting architecture including a stunning church that towers over the city. 

While out wandering we stumbled across an eerily beautiful cemetery in the west end, with so many trees we initially thought it was the botanical gardens. We also discovered the Reykjavic Museum of Photography with a fantastic exhibition of Hasselblad Award winners – a bonus find for a group of amateur photographers.

At night, tourists and locals swarm through the city centre looking for somewhere to eat or drink at one of the many bars and restaurants. The choice of cuisines is diverse – Italian, Greek, Vietnamese, Thai, Mexican, Nepalese … you name it, they have it. Or if you want to eat local there is minky whale, reindeer or even horse!! During our visit the people on the street were an eclectic mix of tourists, football fans in town for the game between Iceland and Finland, and locals enjoying after work drinks with friends. The Reykjavic International Film Festival (RIFF) was also in full swing. 

I loved my few days in Reykjavic and plan to stay for a longer visit next time.