Siracusa is located on the southeast corner of Sicily and an easy two-hour train ride from Taormina, where we are staying. A mere 2,700 years old, Siracusa was founded in ancient Greek times, and was once one of the most powerful centres of the Mediterranean world. It is now a bustling city of 125,000 people, and a popular tourist destination.

The train station is a short walk to Ortigia Island, the oldest and more picturesque part of Siracusa. It didn’t take us long to find the local market, where the air is filled with the aroma of fresh fish and beautiful spices. 

We then wandered about the narrow streets criss-crossing the island, and lined with houses, shops, restaurants, cafes and bars, before stopping to enjoy a Sicilian-style lunch with a glass of local wine. I had tagliatelle with sardines, pine nuts, sultanas – delicious!! 

A walk around the perimeter of the island provided a magnificent view of the Mediterranean as well as the tourists and locals enjoying the warm Spring weather on the small beaches and rocks below.