Who’d have thought I’d be writing a post about Fiumicino? Anyone who’s travelled to Rome knows that this is the location of the international airport, but what most people don’t know is that the nearby town is also home to a beautiful beach. It is often hard to find a beach in Europe that measures up to what we’re used to in Australia, but Fiumicino delivers it in spades (pun intended).

As our flight was leaving Rome mid-morning, we decided it was easier to book accommodation near the airport. When checking in we were told to walk to the end of the street and where we’d find a beach. I was expecting the normal stony European beach so was shocked to arrive at a white sandy beach as far as the eye could see in both directions. There were also beach bars, volleyball courts, boats and deck chairs for hire, and only a handful of people to share it all with.

There were huge, noisy jets flying overhead every 10 minutes or so but they weren’t really a problem for us. We had a drink, went for a long walk, and then sat on the sand to watch the sun set along with a dozen or so fishermen and a couple enjoying a romantic sunset picnic.

It was a perfect end to our week in Italy. Unfortunately I didn’t take my camera to the beach so had to rely on my old iPhone for these pics.