Last year I visited many Croatian towns by boat and while they were all very beautiful, two were stand-outs for me – the old town of Korcula on the island of the same name, and Stari Grad on the island of Hvar. This year I decided to return and spend some more time getting to know both towns.

The first stop was Korcula where we spent three nights in a second floor apartment overlooking the water. The view was stunning and each night I left my window wide open so I could hear the sound of the water lapping against the town wall and feel the beautiful cool sea breeze.

Our days were spent wandering around the beautiful old town, sitting on the pier across the road from our apartment to watch the many yachts, ferries and fishing boats coming and going, swimming in the beautiful, clear, cool water and lazing under one of the many palm trees that line the water’s edge. At night we’d wander around the town, find somewhere to eat and enjoy another gorgeous view of the water.

On our first night the town was jumping. Every bar and restaurant had at least one television set up outside. The waiters were all dressed in the national colours of red and white check. The World Cup was on and Croatia was playing Nigeria. It was a great atmosphere and each time they scored a goal, the town erupted. On our second night we discovered a small band playing at a bar near our apartment so stopped to enjoy some live music on our way home from dinner.

Korcula has just the right mix of peace and activity. The ferry comes in several times a day dropping off many new visitors, but it doesn’t feel overrun with tourists. There are countless restaurants and bars, all busy, but there is always a spare table. There is live music and other entertainment but its not blaring across the town until 4am like many other Croatian islands I’ve visited. This little piece of paradise delivered everything I’d hoped for and more.